Saturday, February 20, 2010

Exemplify Magazine

Great online magazine & community I found awhile ago! Check it out ladies!

Also people! this blog is new,
my old blog is I have not figured out how to put my posts from there here so check out the old site as well!


Psalm 45:11

Psalm 45:11

"The king is enthralled by your beauty honor Him for He is lord"

Love this verse!! It's something I will forever remember my sis reciting! And it is forever in my mind!! Our savior thinks we are beautiful!! Do not be wooed by the world ladies out there, the King of Kings calls you beautiful!! He is "enthralled" by the beauty He made in you! Praise Him and honor Him in all you do!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I really enjoy cooking!

Well the title speaks for itself. In addition, I enjoy cooking for my family , especially lately. So I thought I would post a few of my creations!! Chicken with my favorite seasonings including hungarian paprika!! I served it with peas and rice seasoned with Adobo. Followed by Chocolate caramel cookies w sea salt!

The cookies, though delicious, did not turn out exactly how I wanted them too. I will be experimenting with the recipe more and will post it once I get it right!! They were a little too thin for my taste and the carmel stuck to the pan on some. I need figure out a different way to include the caramel. I am thinking of just drizzling it over the top?? Any suggetions?


I will be posting things as they come...thoughts,adventures,things God is teaching me,art,travel, what I have cooked lately. SO feel free to check it out anytime and leave comments!

Hello..Let's try this again!


I am starting to blog here ...rather...attempting soon seeing as basically no one uses xanga anymore. So to check out my past posts go to http://
the last few posts are a poem, and some pics and a little bit on my trip to Africa. Apologies in advance I have not been as consistent with posting as I was in the past! I am attempting to try and keep up again. Ya know at least, once a week! though with a new camera yall may see more pics than writing for the first few posts!

~ Tra
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