Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fading scars


Fading Scars of remembrance

Today I noticed that the scars left on my arm and kneck are fading.

scars. Scars that make me remember Gods grace and love and faithfulness

from a most unexpected day.

Unexpected because somewhere in 6 years

I thought I might never see the day but, God remembered.

God remembered my prayers for Africa...

My tears for africa....

My desire to go , to be there to serve, to give, to do SOMETHING!

for africa

I remembered how many times He told me no,

"No not yet my child"

How many times He shut the door

"No, It is not time"

And then when it seemed that it was going to come again,

the "no"

the shut door

I was moved to pray...pray that what seemed to be


that God would speak to our leaders, to our church

there was peace

He said "Go"

And so there we were that unexpected day

6 years later


With a team from my church

We had Just had delivered bibles to people who NEVER had one

we were excited

on our way to serve more of God's people


we were in an accident

no seatbelts on

our car full

7 passengers

our car flipped

in the middle of nowhere

some dirt road across the ocean


And we were "KEPT" that day

glass shattered

car dented

out of commission

I blanked out

eyes opening......

We were "KEPT" that day

My hand was on my kneck wondering what was that pain I was feeling

scar forming, lord healing

the first words I heard were "praise God"

and we praised Him, we laughed and cried, and sang

and we prayed

we layed hands knowing that God would heal us

we were "KEPT"

and I am still learning lessons from africa.

My scars have begun to fade but they remind me of how much God loves His people

we could have easily died that day. Flung out a window, broke our knecks

but no

we were KEPT

minor burns, few scars

Our work has not been completed

we are still here

and as long as I am

I will be about His business

6 years I asked

I prayed

for africa

to be there...

6 years

He answered

I was there

He is faithful

and my scars remind me of that.

they remind me that God is bigger than I am or what I think or what I think I know

my scars remind me that He has a plan and a purpose for me

and I will be here until that is completed

He will Keep me until I have finished what He has set me out to do

and I will keep praising Him along the way

and I will keep praying for Africa

and I will praise Him because I know our Lord is there moving and working and loving His people.


Scars are fading but His faithfulness endures!


John 17: 15 " I do not pray that you should take them out of the world, but that you should keep them from the evil one". We read all of John 17 this very same morning of the accident. Where Jesus prays for himself,the disciples, and all believers. Vs. 15 is where He was praying for the disciples. But, this is the verse that I thought about and I think some other team members those few momments after when we got out of the car. I do recommend everyone read all of JOhn 17 it is a great chapeter to read/study!


  1. WHOA...
    I have nothing to say but... Praise GOD!

    I love it when Jesus 'drives' our life. He might not have been driving that particular car at that particular moment, but by gosh, he was certainly driving that day, the outcome! Amazing!

    Thanks for being a Sassy SIngle Blogger sister!

  2. I found your blog via the Sassy Single blogger link up. Praise me to God for your testimony.


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