Sunday, November 21, 2010



I dont think anyone is really reading this lol but my confession is im not a very faithful blogger! lol I tried and tried lol. And with my new schedule it is not getting any better. I am hoping though this will change soon. Even if it is just pictures. Since I am attempting to get better with my camera I shall attemp to take one picture a day. And lord-willing I will post them. My camera was really a gift ..I had a hard time recieving it but eventually I did. And because it was such a great gift I think I should learn how to use it and learn how to use it well! And so I am challenging myself to take one picture a day till new years!! So today as day 1 !! and an exciting day at that! -- my dad came home from Oregon!! we just got back from picking him up from the airport so here is my first picture -- my dad & my sis! I am so glad that my dad was able to come home for thanksgiving!!!


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